Beginning Crochet

Getting Started

Learn to: tie a slip knot, hold the hook and yarn, and how to complete a foundation chain. Watch the video here.


Now that you have learned to chain, make this fun and easy bracelet to practice your newly learned skill! Watch the video here.


Single Crochet

Learn to single crochet. Watch the video here. If you missed how to chain watch "Getting Started"  video here, first.

Next, try your single crochet skills out on this Fingerless Glove Sampler. Get the free pattern here. You will be using the stitch in 3 different ways to create different textures. Need a little visual guidance? Check out the Fingerless Glove video here.

I would have to say, this leaf and rose are my "go to" for a basic and pretty embellishment to any project. The tutorial includes an introduction to reading symbol patterns. Find the Leaf&Rose video here.

Advanced Crochet

The "Single Crochet Chain"

The "single crochet chain" is a great technique to replace any pattern that begins with a chain and foundation row of single crochets. The tension is much more relaxed compared to a beginning chain's inflexibility. Watch the tutorial video here and try replacing it in your next pattern. 

The "Crab Stitch" - aka "Reverse Single Crochet"

Learn the "Crab Stitch", also known as "The Reverse Single Crochet"  Watch the video here.The stitch provides a simple, and clean edge to any project. Included in the video are instructions to make a Coffee Cozy practicing the technique. Get the written pattern here.  

Learn to start a project with a "Magic Ring". Great for beginning a hat, the center of a flower or doily! Replace a chained loop for a nice snug closer!

Wave Fingerless Glove (video)

Learn to crochet an interesting wave pattern using; slip stitch and half double crochet.     -written pattern coming soon.

Intermediate Crochet

This is a fun stitch that provides some interesting texture to any project! This tutorial also includes; the double crochet chain (dc ch) and the front post triple crochet (fptrc)! Challenge yourself and start watching the video here!

Tunisian Crochet

Learn the "TSS" (Tunisian Simple Stitch), the "TKS" (Tunisian Knit Stitch"), the "TPS" (Tunisian Pearl Stitch and a "Normal Closing". This technique if a fun and interesting skill to add to your crocheting repertoire! Check out Beginning Tunisian Crochet video here!


Here is a fun tutorial on how to make a flower pot. Add a dirt topper and get creative with some leaves and flowers to make a no water required arrangement. 

Flower Power 1

Before you put your flower pot and dirt topper together make some flowers! Here are a few flowers and leaves to try on "Flower Power 1".

Online Patterns

To find more patterns that I've created, or to follow me on Ravelry go to http://www.ravelry.com/stores/cassandra-jensen-designs

Arm Yarn Bag

Thank you for purchasing this pattern in my Ravelry Shop! My hope is you have just as much fun making it as I did creating it. Click here to watch the bag construction.

Or click here to see how the Flower Embellishment is put together. (Drop me an email if you have any further questions - I'd love to hear from you!)