A week, or two, ago....I thought I took this ride!?!

You will notice some similarities in this week's pattern. In fact, there are some pieces that are identical to week 1's pattern. That being said, you will be making 2 "large" poinsettias! 

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The poinsettias (large and small) will adorn our banners. When we put the whole banner together (about week 13), the final look will be; 

"large poinsettia, 1st flag, small poinsettia, middle flag, small poinsettia, 3rd flag, and lastly the 2nd large poinsettia".

The branches, leaves and mistletoe, are meant to hang down on each side of the flags, under the flowers. This helps to disperse color choices and bring the whole piece together aesthetically. 

Now that some of the pieces are starting to make since in how the whole banner will come together I'd like to share a couple "details" that you may be having questions about.


Blocking is the process of shaping a crocheted (or knit) item to set stitches and give a finished look. There are different ways to go about blocking and my belief is "if it works for you" then use that technique! Some like to block as they go (I am NOT one of these people). Though, I did block pieces for the patterns' images so you would better see what you are creating.

A little revealing...There will be a mini document and video on blocking to complete at the end of week 7's pattern. If you did some blocking already, that is fine!


I find some patterns leave assembly up to the creator by stating "sew pieces together"....but don't tell you how. As with a lot of aspects in crochet, there are many different ways to assemble items. Again...my belief is "if it works for you" then use that technique!

There will be 2 "assembly" weeks - week 10 and week 13. I decided to split this process up to hopefully keep it simple and clear. 

Thanks, again, for joining along!

Mammi Cass