Glad tidings of great "JOY"!

For this week’s pattern part you will be making 3 flags. They are relatively easy, made entirely of single crochet stitches. And you may, now, have a guess at what it is we are making!?!

In a search to find the history and symbolism of flags and their uses I came across the actual scientific name for the study of flags….Vexillology! A person who studies flags is a vexillologist. The art of designing a flag is called vexillography. One who designs a flag is called a vexillographer. Lastly, one who admires flags is called a vexillophile.

Related to the flag are banners. Banners display a message, logo or proclamation and are found in; sports, advertising, and homes on special occasions.

***So, yes...we are making a winter themed banner!*** There, I said it! I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. Though, what you don’t know is all the details we will be putting into this banner to proclaim the winter months be full of “JOY”!

For next week’s hint I proclaimed “I’ve bought some corn for popping and turned the lights down low…”

Mammi Cass

****Written pattern here*****

*****Video Tutorial here*****