Like the seasons...Turn! Turn! Turn!

Can you believe we have been at this for 10 weeks now?...we are in the double digits! Here's a little writing , just for fun!

The Seasons of a CAL

Like a new year, our first week was full of resolution. "I will keep up with this CAL...this time!"  "I've never done a CAL...I will do this one." "After this CAL I will use up my yarn stash." "This is the last new project I start...after this, I will finish my WIPs." "I will spend more time outdoors...oh look! a new CAL!"  Whatever your resolution...I'm so glad you joined us.

All of us do it...jump into a new project with the romanticised notions of our grandiose finished project. The feeling we get when receiving vintage Valentine's hearts, beautiful roses in shades of pink and endless fancy chocolates all boxed up with a red satin bow on top. Grinning ear to ear, the love of starting something new...young love. Finding February to be a very short month...

In the spring tight little buds of promise pepper  branches and little green shoots peek up from the earth. Needing that inspiration of new growth, the spring months are perfect for projects. Family and friends are inspired internally, as well. The gray skies and wet weather encourage us to stay indoors - to drink copious amounts of java whilst we hook it up!

Summer months warm our spirits and fill our calendars. The sun is out and feels so comforting on our face. We opt for small portable projects to take to the neighborhood picnic, the beach and camping. Maybe....manage to finish one row - the whole summer. The time spent with family and friends in the sun is forever lovingly etched in our memories.

All the kids go back to school, and the world feels as if it may be getting back on a schedule. New haircut and clothes...and homework to keep the kiddos occupied (YEAH!). Projects start to look a little closer to being finished...than they did a month ago!

In the fall, who needs a costume!?! The look of determination gets mistaken for any list of unpleasant creatures. Eyebrows furrowed, twisted crochet mouth (yes, we all have one...just ask your family or friends), and our responses become shortened and direct. "Speak to me again, whilst I'm pretty," we cackle. 

 As the days grow short and cold once again, we face the last minute rush to meet the final date. Where have all the fiber artists gone!? We have all become hermitized slaves to our fiber. Thinking, "If all these stitches were leg lifts and sit-ups....I could eat all the holiday cookies with no guilt!" And, "One more row" has become our motto!

Season everything with love!

Mammi Cass