2016 Winter CAL

Happy Holidays and a “JOY” full New Year. Seem a little early? Not if you make your own decorations. I’d say the timing is just about perfect!

I’d like to invite you to join Cherished Rubbish’s 2016 Winter CAL sponsored by Yarn of Eden. What is a CAL you ask? A CAL is a crochet-a-long. It is where a portion of a pattern (and a video tutorial link) for a project is released once a week to complete during that week. This series will be 14 weeks. So, one small part to the pattern released once a week, for 14 weeks.  Finished just in time for the holidays (mid/late October). There will be updates and photo’s from participants available as we go so you can see how other’s projects are coming together...or share your progress!

The project I have planned for you is a Winter Decoration! The Poinsettia above is week one's portion of the project. It is the perfect “sneak peak” for picking your colors. I had a lot of fun picking colors and hope you do, too...but then again picking colors is one of my favorite parts!

I used yarn from Kraemer Yarns (listed below). First you can see “Flannel” in the dark leaves, behind the flower. “White Veil” is used in the flower’s center and a couple of the vines. “Silver Lights” are seen in the light gray petals of the flower. Lastly, “It’s a Boy”  is the main light blue color of the flower.  (The color "Peat" is not shown but it will be the background for the whole project). Select your colors and get ready for the release at the end of July!

Yarn used by Kraemer Yarns (available at Yarn of Eden)

Color 1 "Flannel" - Saucon Sock, Fingering, approx 430 yd (1 skein) 

Color 2 "White Veil" - Sterling Silk & Silver, Fingering, approx 420 yd (1 skein)

Color 3 "Silver Lights" - Fountain Hill, Fingering, approx 560 yd (1 skein)

Color 4 "It's a Boy" - Tatamy DK, DK, approx 250 yd (1 skein)

Color 5 "Peat" - Belfast, DK, approx 220 yd (2 skeins)

Until then...may your days be merry and bright (it is summer, after all)!

Mammi Cass