Introducing Cherished Rubbish

Hello and thank you for visiting Cherished Rubbish! I’m currently a bundle of emotions: excited and apprehensive, confident and awkward, passionate and timid. So, I guess you could say: I'm excitedly apprehensive, confidently awkward and passionately timid but then, I’m a crafter and artist so i guess that all fits.

Very excited to be venturing into unknown “technological” territory - though, I know i will have the “joys” of lessons to be learned (sarcasm intended). There is so much I want to share and am having a difficult time slowing down enough to keep it simple and just start slow.

My hope is to make “Cherished Rubbish” an inviting place you'll want to visit often and am looking forward to meeting and greeting friends! I’ve got some rubbish you just may cherish and you have what you may believe to rubbish that I, and others will cherish.