Ode to the HDC

Ode to the HDC


Half double crochet, beautiful stitch of divinity,

Daughter from the Double Crochet,

We enter, caffeinated with hook,

Heavenly, thy knoteth!

Your magic twists join and fasten off.

What rounds or rows strictly divided;

All stitches become interlocked,

Where your gentle yarn over abides.


(inspired by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller’s poem  “Ode to Joy”)


Admittedly, my “Ode to HDC” poem is a bit over the top but if I had to choose one crochet stitch to be my favorite...I might just have to pick the HDC (half double crochet). It’s cute twisted compactness does something for me. (Hmmm...kind of like my other half!) When I think of making a baby hat or blanket my go-to is the hdc! Additionally, I love the look of an item when the stitches are completed between the stitches, as opposed to the stitch tops. What is your favorite crochet stitch?

Without further ado...let me introduce  a tutorial video dedicated to the…


HDC video tutorial here