Why so "edgy"?

Welcome back! I'd like to take a moment to look at some techniques you may have reviewed, refined or acquired!

For week 1 you made 2 poinsettias. There was a pattern but my attempt was to give you something to work with that you would also be able to experience a little "free-form". If you think about it there are some little changes that can be made to each little piece;  add more leaves,  allow leaves to be closer together or further apart. Be creative!

Week 2 you were "tricked" into learning Tunisian Crochet. My attempt was to encourage you to try another form of crochet but to break it down so the experience was a positive one...and with the pictures I got to see I have to say it was a success! Believe in yourself!

Week 3 you took it easy with some basic, traditional crochet while making the flag. That being said, the challenge was refining tension skills while using a larger hook to make a loose finished fabric. "Placing" loops (not "pulling" them into place). Relax!

This week you will be using basic borders to give the flag a finished look. Borders can be added to many items; dish/bath towels, sleeves, hems on skirts or blue jeans...but most familiar would be a blanket's edge (even a purchased piece of fabric fleece). Any of the above mentions could make quick, yet personalized, gifts...leaving the recipient "on edge" with joy! Share your talents!

So...did you review? refine? or acquire?...being creative, believing in yourself, relaxing and sharing your talents!?!?

Have a great week!

Mammi Cass