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My name is Cassandra . Crochet, painting , jewelry and quilting are few things I do, really to sweeten life's muck.  There is something within my spirit that stirs the must to make "things". Totally aware that "things" are just that..."things"! With that being said, it's not all my fault.

Colors, I love colors! When asked what my favorite color is I am unable to answer for believed to be a shame if even one shade to be left out! Nature is truly the inspiration;  sunsets, the way a tree branch may twist and curl, seasonal scents, and just the plain awesomeness of it all!

My father is a carpenter and my mother is a seamstress.  So, this is where it is "not my fault". "Things" were always being created;  from wood and glass, to fibers and beads. Point to be made, it is by genetic selection that I inherited the "MUST create" gene! We were not a wealthy family, comfortable for sure but not wealthy. That being said, I was taught to "use what you have to work with" (oh the numerous time I heard this when I'd relay a grandiose image in my mind!). Though, in time,  that way of thinking taught my eyes to see "things" in a different manner. 

"Cherished Rubbish" - turning one man's trash into another man's treasure. Or, as I like to state it, where one's rubbish can be cherished by another.

I am a mother of four, and "Mammi" to one! I am, also, a Para Educator in Special Education. Lastly, I teach crochet classes at a local yarn shop and participate in an annual bazaar.  With much appreciated support and encouragement from family and friends, I am now the proud administrator,  owner, and crafter of this website!

Thanks, again, for stopping by!